Great project management, bug tracking, issue tracking and support, along with the information your team needs to make good decisions about what they're building. Integrations with key tools like Slack, GitHub & Trello are free and easily customizable, and search and management features are simple and powerful.

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I like the team behind this, but the intro video goes on a bit long (I lost focus around :30) and the visual design... is hard to get behind, especially after becoming used to using more [personally] attractive and polished software like Asana and Slack. I'm curious how this aesthetic was arrived at?
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@chrismessina C'mon Chris, you can manage a 2 min video! :) Do you mean the site or product design? The latter is an evolution from the underlying FogBugz engine it runs on. There's more detail about that here:
@_gw honestly, I couldn't! Maybe the details were a little dry or maybe I've watched a lot of these videos specifically for this kind of software and was interested to hear less about features and more about your team's insights and ideas about how people should work/collaborate be productive... and as a result, this tool grew out of that. Instead it felt like a feature onboarding and I just couldn't maintain my focus! Thanks for that post — that's useful. I specifically just mean the visual design — colors, fonts, borders, etc. It looks kind of like the previous version of Gmail or Google Calendar... it's possible that this style is more developer friendly and just doesn't suit my personal taste, and of course that's totally fine...!
@_gw I would very much like to start working until the trial period has ended, but a huge number of bugs when you plan to fix at least critical bugs?
Does anybody else think the UI could use a lot of work? I feel like I'm going back in time to JIRA dashboards.
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@joshuapinter I agree. I find it clunky and difficult to navigate.
@joshuapinter Yup. Made me close the tab.
Manuscript is the latest product from Fog Creek Software (Fogbugz, StackOverflow, Trello, Glitch) They took all their learnings from 17+ years of building collaborative software to build Manuscript. It perfectly integrates with your existing tools like Github, Slack, Trello, and it's extensible through API and Glitch integrations. Read Anil's (CEO) vision: Looks very promising :)
@picsoung Thanks for the hunt, Nicolas. We're looking forward to hearing what people think.
You can tell that this product was designed with how modern product teams work -- collaboratively with fluidity. There will be many cues taken from this product by other coding tools, but the execution and packaging can only really be done by the Fog Creek team.
@tarungangwani Thanks for the kind words, Tarun!
Very excited about this. Thanks for building it. I'm one of the few who loves Jira (when done correctly), having cut my teeth on Radar. Trello is hell for our team right now. No ownership, heavy browser tax, and only made useful for product dev (blocking, linking, children) through 3rd party extensions. Having said all that, I have one main question: How firm are you on $10/user/mo right out the gate? That's a lot more than Jira. 14 days isn't really enough to see if my team likes it (we know we are outgrowing Trello, but we're already used to its weaknesses) — no team is really willing to try an entirely new development workflow for 14 days. I can see that model working really well for a new company, but not an existing one. It's likely you anticipated this complaint/question, btw :)
@303 I don't think it's much more than JIRA now, what with their recent price hikes. And who knows how much more they'll go up. But you can, of course, get a trial extension.
@_gw It's considerably more than Jira, which is a flat fee of $10/mo (not per user) for up to 10 users, and then $7/user/mo after that