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Do you use Serverless?
What is Serverless?
Build web, mobile and IoT applications using AWS Lambda and API Gateway, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and more.

Serverless tech stack

We're aware of 10 technologies that Serverless is built with. Serverless utilizes products like Hotjar, Webflow in their tech stack

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Serverless Cloud
Create zero-config backends with APIs, data, storage, events, scheduled tasks, secure parameters, and more. Then run frontend frameworks like React, Vue.js, Next.js, and 11ty, alongside your backend code in a unified dev experience with instant deployments.
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Serverless Framework - Python Monitoring
The Serverless Framework has amazing monitoring and alerting; however, until today, this has only been available for the Node runtime. We are now adding Python support for monitoring, alerts and much more to the Serverless Framework Dashboard.
Serverless Framework - Python Monitoring image
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