Manifold 1.0

Discover, manage and share developer services with your team


Manifold 1.0 is the easiest way to add amazing developer services to your app on any cloud.

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  • Christian Nwamba
    Christian NwambaDeveloper Advocate

    DevOps just got easier for Fullstack Developers


    Docs are a work in progress but they're dead simple to get started with

    Been using Manifold for a while now with my team. One thing we really enjoy about the platform is the team management features which let’s us have multiple developers on the platform. These developers are able to use and share the same resources across our projects thereby helping us synchronize our workflow.

    The service provided by Manifold actually makes a Fullstack developer’s story interesting. Just add services (Mail, Logging, Databases, etc) as resources on your Manifold dashboard, grab your credentials and send them to your app as environmental variables. These services are managed right on one platform and helps you keep track of your project stories.

    My most interesting feature is how simple it is to integrate cloud services together and use them right in your project without being a DevOps engineer.

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  • Pros: 

    Makes live much easier and one less thing to worry about


    Docs could use a bit more work

    The team functionality to easily share secrets and configuration with your team (by environment) is a great idea and simplifies workflows. No more sending secrets via Slack!

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  • Funsho
    FunshoWeb developer

    Manifold makes it easy to setup muliple resources and manage settings and billing from a single dashboard


    More useful services can be added

    Manifold has the ability to simplify and reduce time taken for software development. It is an awesome service I always recommend them.

    Funsho has used this product for one month.
  • Alex Gaughan
    Alex GaughanSaaS Marketing, C2RO

    Makes DevOps much easier


    none so far!

    I just can't wait to tell everyone I know about Manifold. They make getting up and running a snap.

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