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Manifold 1.0 is the easiest way to add amazing developer services to your app on any cloud.


  • Christian NwambaDeveloper Advocate

    DevOps just got easier for Fullstack Developers


    Docs are a work in progress but they're dead simple to get started with

    Been using Manifold for a while now with my team. One thing we really enjoy about the platform is the team management features which let’s us have multiple developers on the platform. These developers are able to use and share the same resources across our projects thereby helping us synchronize our workflow.

    The service provided by Manifold actually makes a Fullstack developer’s story interesting. Just add services (Mail, Logging, Databases, etc) as resources on your Manifold dashboard, grab your credentials and send them to your app as environmental variables. These services are managed right on one platform and helps you keep track of your project stories.

    My most interesting feature is how simple it is to integrate cloud services together and use them right in your project without being a DevOps engineer.

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  • Pros: 

    Makes live much easier and one less thing to worry about


    Docs could use a bit more work

    The team functionality to easily share secrets and configuration with your team (by environment) is a great idea and simplifies workflows. No more sending secrets via Slack!

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Ben YoskovitzHunter@byosko · Entrepreneur, investor & author
I've known most of these guys a long time -- worked with them on GoInstant. This time they've launched Manifold 1.0, and it's awesome to see how far they’ve come since I hunted their beta earlier this year. You can now organize your services into projects and share them with your team. Their command line tool integrates directly into your daily workflow and deployments to manage configuration. They also launched a cool story microsite that walks you through their manifesto:
JevonMaker@jevon · board @npmjs, co-founder of
@byosko Thanks Ben! We've been on PH once before but this is a big release for us with a lot of new features and tools. As you mention we have added teams and a CLI, and new providers are starting to go live as well! I'll be around to answer any questions. In the meantime: We believe you and your team should be able to use the best services available, any of which you can add to your application with one click or command, no matter which cloud you choose. We believe in a future without walls.
@byosko Thanks! Here's a little something to help developers get started on Manifold—$50 in credit, which of course, can be used to purchase any product on the platform! Here's the coupon: PRODUCTHUNTV1
John Willman@johnpwillman · Founder, JawsDB
As a services developer, working to bring your product into a new platform or marketplace is a daunting task. When I heard of Manifold, I was bracing myself for a very rough-around-the-edges experience of working with drastically changing APIs and a too-busy-to-care development and integration team. Instead, what I found was a brilliant group of seasoned developers who had put together a surprisingly robust and well-crafted API even in its alpha stages. The team was indeed busy, but I was impressed and grateful to discover that they took the time to answer my questions and make modifications as necessary to streamline the integration experience. I want to say thanks to the Manifold team and wish you all good luck with your official launch! - 🦈
Peter ChoMaker@etcpeter
@johnpwillman Thank you for your kind words! The feeling is mutual 🤗
John Willman@johnpwillman · Founder, JawsDB
@etcpeter Now that you're at 1.0, what's next on the product roadmap?
Peter ChoMaker@etcpeter
@johnpwillman based on the feedback in our reviews, our #1 priority is going to be documentation. 😅 We'll also be working on our CLI to improve types of integrations and expand the use-cases we support. We also plan to iterate on our teams features so that we can support more diverse types of organizations.
Peter ChoMaker@etcpeter
Hi everyone 👋 So excited to be able to share this release with you all today. For details about all the features we've added since our beta you can check out the release post here: We'll be around today answering questions, any and all feedback is much appreciated! P.S. If you're a developer service provider, let's chat! (@etcpeter or P.P.S. we also announced our series A today! (
Johannes SchicklingHiring@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
@etcpeter huge congrats on the launch 👏
Peter ChoMaker@etcpeter
@_schickling thank you! 🤗
Ed Sim@edsim · BOLDstart Ventures, enterprise seed
@etcpeter @manifold huge congrats on the launch! how do you prioritize which new services to onboard
Peter ChoMaker@etcpeter
@edsim we start with our list of customer requests, find the ones that have overlap with existing our workflows and use-cases and then prioritize the ones that are most aligned with our vision. :)
Shlok Vaidya@shloky · Sr. Product Manager at Planview, Writer
Simplicity that belies the deep technical execution below, a clear value proposition, and a measured pace of company development/growth? Yeah, that's a @jevon business for sure. Congrats on 1.0, excited to this go all the way.
JevonMaker@jevon · board @npmjs, co-founder of
@shloky ahh man. Too kind! All the credit to this team though:
Getting my team on this now. Congrats @jevon (here's their story
Peter ChoMaker@etcpeter
@ross awesome, that's great to hear! Let me know if you have any questions as you get started, feel free to reach out to me directly