With Manifold’s new Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS), developer-facing platforms can now add a cloud services marketplace to their ecosystem with little effort and zero upfront costs.
Hey folks, I'm Jeff, one of the founders of Manifold. We're excited to share our new Marketplace-as-a-Service product today. We're taking everything we have learned through operating our own marketplace for developer tools and APIs and offering it to platforms so they can quickly introduce their their own marketplaces with minimal overhead. With our Platform APIs and embeddable Web Components you're able to create a customized marketplace experience in your existing product to instantly create new value for your customers. If you're a service provider, and not ready to embed your own marketplace, consider joining our catalog and reach over 12 million developers as we launch our first platform partners. The team will be checking in on PH today, so let us know your questions and share any feedback you might have.
Congrats @jevon and team this looks amazing!
Awesome work all! This looks amazing. Those illustrations/animations though 😍😍😍 @ntassone @megthesmith @an_ennui
@etcpeter Thanks 🤗