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Stratus Update is a weekly take on the rapidly evaporating-and-condensing cloud native landscape. Each week we deliver you a curated set of news, tools and services along with easy to digest commentary direct to your inbox, so you can follow what matters most.

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Hey there! I’m Nicole, co-editor of Stratus Update. Drew and I are both frontend engineers at Manifold, and we've put our heads together to work on a lot of awesome projects. We wear many hats, and "Stratus Editor" is one we both love. 🎩 Manifold is laser-focused on the cloud native world. So, of course, we share a ton of interesting news and articles amongst ourselves. We're not the only company that cares about the cloud, though, and we wanted to share what we'd found. Thus, Stratus Update was born. This week, we’re particularly interested in "GitLab's secret to multi-million-dollar success." (Spoiler alert: it's remote work.) As employees of a remote-reliant company, we might be a little biased… but it’s hard to say “no” to your own hand-picked selection of office snacks, and the freedom to turn up the heat as high as you want on these early-Winter days. You can read more about it in this week's issue!