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#5 Product of the DayAugust 03, 2018

MailMaster is an automated web-based application that handles business-to-business lead generation and cold emailing. When the addition of a single new client can mean thousands of dollars a month, extended outreach is invaluable. Can you afford not to get MailMaster?

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Hunter Owens
Hunter Owens@owens · Product at TVF
This looks very promising! I'm curious to know, what methods do you employ to ensure that the emails don't land in a recipient's spam folder?
Bryan Sanders
Bryan SandersMaker@iambryansanders · Entrepreneur & Student
@owens Based on how our emails are written. We avoid practically all keywords that get tripped!
Sam Sexton
Sam Sexton@samsexton · Email Specialist
@owens the real answer is that they can't really control it. The large ISPs all use a mix of IP/Domain reputation and bayesian filtering to decide what goes in spam, keywords are a very small part of the puzzle these days.
Han Yoon
Han Yoon@hanyoon · CEO @ Lunar Digital Assets
That was the most uninformative, non-convincing website I have seen. Superb design though, I'm sure you'll catch some curious cats.
Bryan Sanders
Bryan SandersMaker@iambryansanders · Entrepreneur & Student
@hanyoonlda Hey! So sorry to hear that. Crazy things that you realize when you finally share your work. We have a full video going live in just a few...
Preetesh Jain
Preetesh Jain@preetesh_jain · ⚡ Product, Tech and Design at WittyPen
I would like to see what's inside the product. But can't, as you guys have not posted any screenshots and don't have any product demos. Please if you can! Congratulations btw 🎉
Bryan Sanders
Bryan SandersMaker@iambryansanders · Entrepreneur & Student
@preetesh_jain Video going live in just a few explaining....
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
One of the hardest things to do is acquire users so good to see you're aiming to solve a big problem. How are you sourcing leads and how does this compare with other competitors, @iambryansanders? I recently met with a company that's doing something similar so this topic is top of mind for me. :)
Cullen Peterson
Cullen Peterson@cullenrpeterson
@iambryansanders @rrhoover Hey Ryan! We used crawlers to populate a database of hundreds of thousands of leads worldwide, focused on the top niches of customers we already had. That database continues to grow as users search for their own leads based on a given niche and location - meaning speed will only improve with time!
John Higgins
John Higgins@johnbhiggins · VP of Marketing
How do you get the emails? Domain? LinkedIn? Are they validated? If so, how? What's your deliverability rate? Where do they land in gmail? There are already great services that cover a lot of these functions. How do ya'll differentiate?
Bryan Sanders
Bryan SandersMaker@iambryansanders · Entrepreneur & Student
@johnbhiggins Hey John! Thanks for the comments. We are constantly crawling the web looking for emails. They are searchable via industry, location, or both. They land in the main inbox too. We differentiate by combining the good parts of every step in one beautiful platform.