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#5 Product of the DayDecember 27, 2014
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Build email newsletters with MailerLite's drag-and-drop Newsletter Editor. Crop, resize and edit photos using built-in tools. No need to use another software to make your photos look good. Upload your subscribers and it handles the rest - unsubscribes, bounces and more.Track everything: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, reading environment ..Create and schedule automated emails like welcome messages, birthday greetings, and other date-based campaigns. You don't need any HTML skills to create Email Newsletters with MailerLite!
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@kwdinc Kevin, how is this different than other services like this such as MailChimp? It seems, based upon looking at the website, to be very similar in features as MailChimp but more expensive in pricing.
@gizboz1 The pricing for MailerLite is listed as the yearly price, not monthly. $99/year for unlimited emails and 10,000 subscribers is very cheap. In fact it's the cheapest that I've heard of, aside from self-hosted stuff like I checked Mailchimp's pricing for 10,000 subscribers and it's $75/month ($900/year). So depending on your list size, MailerLite could be nearly $1000 cheaper per year.
@maxogles @kwdinc Got it. I thought both were monthly. Thanks for clarifying!
@gizboz1 @maxogles Yep. It's an amazing product offering at that pricepoint. It's going to happen a lot more with products in 2015.
Hey! This is Ignas from MailerLite. Thanks for all your comments about our service! By the way, today we have updated our pricing. Now we have a Forever Free plan (up to 1,000 subscribers, unlimited emails), monthly plans starting $10 per month (up to 5,000 subscribers, unlimited emails) and annual plans as before.
@ignasmailer Dear Ignas, I wanted to share my bad experience with Mailerlite today. After signing up my account was completely suspended based on your algorithm test with unknown reasons. I contacted your support team which with great surprise tell me they can't do anything and to go see other providers. huh really?? This is how Mailerlite works. I'm suspecting that your algorithm doesn't like my region and for me, your company is supporting DISCRIMINATION. It would be more informative to me that my account violated or is not compatible with your policy, but getting rejected just because after completing my profile is completely insane. I love testing, buying and using software but today was my worst experience. Mailerlite seems a great and competitive product but unfortunately, he is picky on its customers. For me, it's a very negating rating.
This looks very similar to They're also selling (very nice looking) email templates which you can customize very easily (drag-and-drop etc.) @KevGroenendaal, can you explain differences?
Added to my Email Marketing collection:
I was about to be a sale, when I realized they want to mail for you as well. I simply want a nice editor I can use to create emails and send off with whatever provider I choose. It is going to be very hard to compete with mailchimp or other services in this regard