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What is Glitch?
Glitch is a software company specializing in project management tools.

Glitch tech stack

We're aware of 2 technologies that Glitch is built with. Glitch utilizes products like Google Tag Manager, Optimizely in their tech stack

Recent launches

Glitch Editor 2022
The biggest update ever to Glitch's editor is up to 300% faster. It offers an automatic Fastly CDN for assets, previews of 3D models, inline error reporting, better Prettier support, and one-click access to GitHub import/export + domains.
Glitch In Bio
With Glitch, you can have a link page for your bio that can do anything the web can do. Your own domain. Embedded audio, video and more. No limits on links. And real customization, backed by a community making new themes & features every day.
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