MailClark for Microsoft Teams

Connect your Teams to Email, Twitter & Facebook

The bot to send & receive emails, Twitter and Facebook messages without leaving Microsoft Teams.

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Hi Hunters! We’re happy to announce that our beloved bot MailClark is now available for Microsoft Teams. 💌 Our mission at MailClark is to unify messaging. 7000+ Slack teams have already installed our bot. Microsoft Teams is a great team messaging platform so it made total sense for us to connect the organizations using Teams to the outside world e.g. email-reliant partners or Twitter-addict clients. 📥📤 MailClark for MS Teams let you *reply* to emails, Twitter & Facebook messages directly from your team’s channels. This is a great & fun way to collaborate on external communications with your teammates. Plus, getting started is super easy: just mention MailClark in a channel to create a new team inbox. Thousands of MailClark users trust our bot to host their help desk 💁, collaborate on leads 👔 or monitor services 🔔 (amongst many other usages). Give it a try today and tell us what you think here! (A big 👍 to Bram for hunting us!)
Sorry if this is off-topic a little bit. Do you have any advice for someone wanting to get start with depeveloping an intergration for microsoft teams? Can I get started with development with the API for free or is there a charge?
@tharshan_muthulingam Sorry for our very late reply—better late than never, right? 😅 You can definitely develop a MS Teams integration free of charge. Visit for an overview of what Teams Dev Platform has in store. If you opt for a bot as we did, you'll need to get familiar with Microsoft Bot Framework I hope it helps!