MailChimp Snap

Send simple, photo-based email campaigns from your phone.

#5 Product of the DayOctober 21, 2014
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I've been impressed with the pace of new and very useful features that MailChimp keeps launching. This one is really exciting considering most of us spend the most time in front of our phones all day.
Thanks Hiten and Paul!
@benchestnut you rock! nice ot see you here too =)
@benchestnut thanks for making “email" an exciting space to build in Ben. our first company ran off MailChimp and we have a few in our portfolio doing the same. the new app reminds me of a workflow we've been thinking about a lot lately, specifically helping small businesses communicate w. their customers in a more elegant manner. Snap looks like a great use case for this, esp. for restaurants. :)
@daveambrose Glad to be of service. If your portfolio companies have feedback for us, or have thoughts on building on top of our platform (7M users managing 3B emails, sending 10B messages per month) get in touch.
This is so great! Creating newsletter content—even the process of inputting text into the text editor—can be very time consuming. I love how this simplifies the process.
I love that they've taken an experience that has tremendous "desktop baggage" and simplified it for mobile. Such a difficult thing to do. Well done.
This is pretty awesome. It's like Instagram for newsletters! ;)