Push out beautiful website announcements in 10 seconds.

#3 Product of the WeekDecember 20, 2018

⚡Unlock a new marketing channel - your website!

Push out beautiful website announcements in 10 seconds and drive traffic to your relevant subpages.

Announcement examples:

- 📝new blog post,

- 📆upcoming event,

- 🌟new product feature,

- 📒a fresh e-book,

- 👨‍🏫️new webinar,

- 👥careers page...

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Tnx @__tosh for hunting us today! Hey hunters 👋 For a while now I wanted to drive some of the traffic from our main website to time-relevant subpages. It’s cases when we have: - 📝a new blog post - 🌟cool new product feature - 📒a fresh new e-book - 👨‍🏫️an upcoming webinar - 👥a bunch of positions to fill - 📆or an event that’s around the corner. In all these cases I didn’t want to change the website itself. I just wanted an easy way publish… something. 📣That’s why we created Magnify. No design skills needed. It’s kinda like writing a tweet. A new announcement is up in 10 seconds. Give it a try and let me know what you think. We’re very early, so any kind of feedback on the landing page, value prop and the product gets extra ♥️.
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@jmarovt love the simplicity on all fronts here. Product. Pricing. Language. P.S. on pricing page — make sure that packages are clickable and lead to sign up flows… you want to sell sell sell there! 🤑
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@ksaitor Ah, that's a very good point Raman. Will tweak now, tnx!
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Magnify to me looks like taking the simple & effective idea of hellobar to another level. Well done.
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Put Magnify on a few pages as soon as I saw it. Nice little product!


Easy to set up and use.


None yet.

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Looks useful! Do you have any plans for multiple/custom notification styles?
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@mjtschammer Hey Martin, tnx! Current idea is to actually limit the styles as much as possible so you don't have to spend time thinking about it. Just change the text and link and hit save. So in conclusion - might add it, but no plans yet.
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Awesome, love the idea here - I've seen this work very well on classic booking and e-commerce sites, love the idea about taking this promotional aspect of marketing to a broader online marketing context.
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@rabu81 Tnx! I think (or shall I say hope) it's really widely applicable this one. I think of it as a new marketing channel (besides email marketing, social media marketing). If you have a high traffic website you can now easily steer some traffic from the frontpage to whatever you deem most relevant at the moment (webinar, new blog post, new ebook, etc.).
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