Saves all your Slack links, so you can focus on work

#5 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2016
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Alternative tagline: "Pocket for Slack" 😬
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@rrhoover nice one. Avid pocket user here, still after lurchr. The main use case is really that "what have I missed" feeling you get when you are away or when you (finally) decide to turn off slack and really focus. We think "slack as a platform" opens way to hack it and bend it to different use cases. Keeping links is one of those.
@stefanozorzi @rrhoover Yeah, I really want this to become Pocket for Slack. I often DM myself for that purpose with useful links, but need a better way to consume them later on.
@johnrmeese at the moment, you can see all the links you post in slack under "shared". Not only the ones you send to yourself as a way to bookmark, but also those in all other channels. We haven't yet focused on the reading experience, not sure that's something we would like to venture. The main goal now is discoverability and relevance. Thanks for the input !
@stefanozorzi That's fair, I guess I'm more interested in the ability to tag or categorize links, no need for the Pocket-like features of in-app reading.
@johnrmeese You should have a look at what I've built at (listen to your articles anytime/anywhere)!
Hi Mary Thanks for hunting Lurchr! I am Stefano from Founders, the Copenhagen-based startup studio where we created Lurchr. For a long time we have had the problem of managing all the information shared in our Slack team. People share interesting links and content but the ephemeral nature of Slack makes them disappear in a moment. You know the drill: a link is shared, then someone asks a question, someone else posts a gif, etc. It’s impossible to actually keep track of information that is not meant to be dealt with in the moment. The person sharing will never get attention on their link, the one (who is supposed to be) reading it will likely miss something that might have been important. Lurchr works on both sides of this problem. For the person posting the link, it allows creating stickiness into something otherwise ephemeral. For the reader, it provides a place where finding everything that has been shared and consuming it on their own time. Our hope is that saving and displaying links in a separate place will ultimately kill FOMO and allow people to regain focus at work. On the tech side, once the bot is added it searches through public channels (you can exclude as many as you want) grabs all links, enriches it and shows them on your Lurchr team site. The interface is similar to feedly, where you can quickly see in which channels you have unread links and check out if they are interesting. Just let us know if you have any question. Would love to hear your feedback! (you can read more about lurchr here
@stefanozorzi Lurchr seems like a nice pairing with something like! I would be open to chatting about it if you are interested.
@twandjosh hi, i have been looking for something like this since umano shut down! Let's talk stefano(at)founders(dot)as
@stefanozorzi Hey! I've tried emailing that address, but my messages keep bouncing.
have been using Lurchr for a month now, huge relief against information overload!
Just read the Medium piece. The design decisions are really thoughtful. Proactiveness is the key.
@sarthakgh thanks!
Great product! A natural & necessary add-on for Slack - especially for bigger teams. 🙌