Nomod replaces your clunky card terminal with a simple, intuitive way to accept in-person card payments right on your device. Works with Stripe and available on both Android and iOS!

> Tap, Tap, Charge
> Multi Currency
> Discounts, Tips & Taxes
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Hello PH! I stumbled upon Lunatap's beautiful website today and found this product quite interesting. If you're a Stripe user, it might come in handy... One use case I can easily imagine is if you're going to an conference/event to promote your product and want to directly sell to new customers on the spot. Instead of getting a physical PoS system, you can just use your phone... the rest of your team can do, multiplying your chances of finalising a sale. Not bad. Also, the fee is only 0.1% per charge, no minimum, no recurring fee... definitely something I'd consider if I were to occasionally sell stuff.
@syswarren Thank you very much for hunting us, much appreciated! Really appreciate your comments as well! I'll add a comment with a bit of background and what are our near term pipeline looks like in a bit!
@syswarren "stumbled upon", sure ^^
Hey Everyone, Thank you for having us! We weren't planning to hit Product Hunt this early (ideally wanted a bit more traction!), but we're super happy to be here! πŸ™Œ By way of background, we built and ran an e-commerce marketplace platform targeting the MENA region for almost seven years before our business was acquired back in May 2017. We took a few months off to recuperate and have spent the last year or so building Esanjo, which is essentially our parent vehicle for the next set of things that we want to build. At some point in this journey, my younger brother and our COO, Aamir decided to kick off a fitness related startup, which unfortunately didn't really go as planned, but did result in the idea that was to become Lunatap. Without boring you with much more detail, he wanted a simple way to allow a coach or fitness instructor to be able to easily accept a payment on the go using their iPhone or Android device, whilst ideally using his existing Stripe relationship. A number of simple solutions to this problem exist on both the App and Play Stores, but we found them to be expensive (in most cases adding 1% or more on top of Stripe's standard fee structure) and not iterating in a significant manner post launch. Enter Lunatap. We've designed and built Luantap to be a beautiful, easy way to take your Stripe account on the road. We like to think that we're at the beginnings of creating the equivalent of a tiny POS machine that's on your phone rather than being an ugly bit of extra hardware that you need to charge and lug about. Today, Lunatap does multi-currency, accepts input via type or scan, and is competitively priced at 0.7% on top of Stripe's fees. In our next version (v1.0.2!), which should roll out in the next ten days or so, we're aiming to add support for Spanish, French and German. It's the first time that we've built a product that isn't in English (but we've got a fair amount of experience executing in Arabic, heh), and is in a set of languages where we have no native speakers on the team (yet!). It's been an interesting challenge. We've recently had a bunch of feedback about adding support to accept card input via NFC. Unfortunately this isn't a straight forward solve as far as I'm aware (and even less so on iOS), but it's something that we're actively working to bring to a near future release. We're also debating adding support for other payment providers, but we're big fans of Stripe, so this remains a hotly debated topic internally ;) We would really appreciate your feedback (positive, critical or otherwise!). I'm also more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Alternatively, you can reach us at or via Thank you again for having us! πŸš€
September 10th, A few recent updates: 1. We rolled out Lunatap in Spanish, French and in German weeks ago. Too early to tell what sort of impact this has had, but we're expecting interesting things. 2. More recently, Lunatap became a Stripe Verified Partner (SPV), resulting in a bunch of cool things including our own hosted co-branded landing page, πŸ™Œ. We ended up spending a bit of time adding a few artfully placed SPV logos both on the Lunatap site as well as within our product. 3. New customers as well as total volume processed continues to grow at a fair clip πŸ“― 4. We've had a bunch of feature requests including pre-auth, refunds, NFC (solid progress so far) as well as a tablet version, resulting in a debate about moving Lunatap from side-project over to we-should-do-this-full-time column. Good problems ;)
29th of March 2020, a quick update: We're rebranding Lunatap to Nomod, as we push towards our longer term ambition to build a financial services super app for businesses. More over at: :)
Beautiful landing page and great looking products - good job guys!
@joshbeitler Thank you very much, really appreciate it!
Great design - but why should I use this, as opposed to the actual Stripe app? I haven't felt any pain points with it, but am open to a switch if there's a clear advantage to using this instead. Edit: Looks like the ability to take payments seamlessly is a key selling point of using Lunatap over the Stripe app.
@jimmyamash Yep, that's exactly it - turn your Stripe account into a tiny POS machine!
That is one sexy looking landing page! Love the succintness of the content too! Cheers and best of luck!
@irhymeth Thank you on both counts ;) Much appreciated!