Add gamification to your website or online store. Give your customers a chance to win a discount coupon in a scratch-off lottery in exchange for their email addresses.

Our widget will help you increase conversion rate and sales, and make visitors pay attention to specific sections of your website (Christmas sale, Black Friday, etc.)

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Hello fellow Hunters! We’ve received a great support 4 month ago, when we were hunted with our first app Social Proof - That gave us a huge boost in motivation and today we are happy to announce our major update: the new Lucky Lottery app. It’s a fun game aimed to increase your conversion and add some fun to the purchasing process. We believe that gamification is a key to success in 2018, not only in online sales, but in many other industries. Public speaking, teaching and learning are much more successful when they have gamification elements. The concept is simple: user gets a lottery ticket with scratch-off sections and is encouraged to exchange his email address for possibilities to win prizes. The best part: it doesn't feel forced, he will do this by himself to get closer to the desired prize. We believe that this service will help you boost your sales before Christmas! Your comments are welcome below!
@peter_jenks Wow! Awesome UX on the scratch off. This will be a powerful tool for both one-off sales and long-term customer retention.
@whit_anderson Thanks a lot! Did you find any disadvantages though?
@peter_jenks Not that I can think of now. I'll continue to play around with it later today!
Looks great! One question though, can it support different languages ? (also, small typo on the social proof page
@tgerin Thank you! The admin panel is available only in English, but pop-ups could be translated on any language! The typo is going to be fixed soon)
The app is easy and intuitive to use - highly recommended!
@anton_kadyrov Thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback)
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Excellent service to increase conversion and user engagement. I've been looking for something like that for so long!


Usefull, attractive, effective



Comfortable to use and recommend , thank you !