Loom 2.0

One-click screen recorder. Now w/ trimming & emoji reactions

It's never been easier to record and share videos at home.

Open Chrome on desktop to record a Loom video—keep your clients up to date, build and maintain your company's culture, and easily provide product feedback to your team.

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Hey Product Hunt folks! 👋🏻 We're excited to be back on here. First off, thank you @erictwillis for hunting Loom's biggest release to date. Loom 2.0 includes a number of new features, such as: 🎥 Newly revamped Recording Experience ✂️ Video Trimming 😍 Emoji Reactions in videos 📢 Activity Notifications 👩‍🏫 Use Cases Page (https://www.useloom.com/use-cases) It's very humbling to see Loom come such a long way since our debut on Product Hunt back in July 2016. Now, Loom has over 415,000 users in 21,000+ cities around the world. Individuals use Loom to communicate internally (Team updates, Bug fixes, Design -> Eng handoffs, New employee onboarding, etc) and externally (Customer onboardings, Sales demos, Support tickets, etc). Massive props to the Loom team more than anything to get these features out. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and we'll respond to them throughout the day :)
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@_shahedk love the Use Cases page -- will something like that be available to users? I.e. - Create a collection of videos with the index over to the right for easy browsing?
@jhubball Hey Josh - Yes! Video playlists is something we've been thinking about for quite some time. I'm glad you noticed it ;-)
Absolutely fantastic update!! We have been using loom for Plutio.com and it has been great! 🙌🏻🎉🚀 Fun fact: we extensively used loom during our main launch few months ago. The quick and personal video recording experience helped us make 5000 sales in less than a week! 🙌🏻🚀🎉🙌🏻🎉🙌🏻🚀😍😱
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@loaibassam Thanks Leo! ❤️

I've been using Loom for a long time to share regular internal updates with my team. I'm an engineer and having an easy way to share videos, with my voice over, of new features and bug fixes is great. It's easy and an awesome flow that improves our communication and keeps everyone involved.

We use Loom for customer facing content as well. We've created how to videos that we share via email or Intercom and users love them. We're now starting to embed videos in a library to help with user education.

Loom's making all of this easier. Loom is one of the top two apps we use that helps us as a startup, right there with Intercom.


Easy to install and use. Easy to share videos. Videos are available immediately. Intuitive UI. Useful features like timestamped comments.



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every time i have to deal with a problem on a site or app i record it with Loom and send the link - makes it super simple!


Simple as f*&^ - great to show customer support what is going on with software - they cannot argue



I also use it for onboarding new users, recording quick personalized welcome videos, and answer their questions with how-to screencaps in our user dashboard


love it. I use this almost exclusively for communicating bug reports to my developer