See video, network & logs leading up to bugs in your app

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Matthew Arbesfeld
@m_arbesfeld · LogRocket
Hey everyone! I'm a co-founder of LogRocket along with @benthehenten. LogRocket is a logging tool for web apps. Like a black box on an airplane, LogRocket constantly records everything that your app is doing, and lets developers and support replay exactly what caused a bug or unexpected behavior, including: * Video recordings of user activity * Network re… See more
Mordechai Zuber
@mordzuber · Developer @OU
We have recently started using LogRocket in our apps, and it has made a tremendous difference in being able to debug issues that our clients have. Being able to watch the console and the network tab have proven themselves invaluable in diagnosing many an issue that we would have otherwise not been able to know where to start with
Stanislas Boyet
@stanboyet · CTO @Drawbotics
We've been using for a few days in production now. It already proved itself useful. We were able to trace old and sneaky bugs thanks to the access to the console.
Anubhav Jain
@_anubhavj · Student @ MIT
Congrats on the launch! I saw LogRocket a few months ago and am really impressed with the analytics it provides.
Josh Devlin
@jaypeedevlin · Marketing Lead at Dataquest.io
We're about to transition to LogRocket from FullStory - really excited to get to use the product, early communication with the LR team has been great, able to discuss complex issues about integration quirks with our SPA!