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Where women in tech can talk about whatever we want

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Where women in tech can talk about whatever we want.

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  • Abadesi👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT

    We can talk about anything we want with others who empathise. Refreshing to speak my mind without having to debate or justify my opinions.


    None so far, just hope it keeps growing and gets more global reach.

    There's a trend in tech that when women start talking about stuff that impacts us, suddenly a storm blows up, usually kicked off by men. It goes from just trying to share a perspective to having to defend ourselves, explain ourselves, etc etc. I've never had to do that in Leap. It's amazing !!!!!!

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  • Lynne TyeCreator of Key Values

    Diverse topics, great networking opportunity, inspiring demonstrations of women helping women.


    There honestly aren't cons. Of course, the community will improve as more members join, which is inevitable given the quality of the forum.

    I've been watching Leap grow over the last year, and love seeing its evolution. I've also become legitimate friends w/ a few women that I've met through Leap. I wish this existed years ago, when I first entered the tech scene in San Francisco. Thank you, Cadran!

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Cadran CowansageMaker@cadran_c · Software Engineer at Y Combinator
Hi everyone! I’m excited to share an experimental project I’ve been working on at YC over the last 10 months. Leap is an online community for women in tech to talk about whatever we want. Leap has ~1,500+ members who are founders, designers, marketers, software engineers, VCs, women in sales and operations, etc. I started building Leap because I didn’t have a place on the internet where I felt comfortable talking openly. I wondered what would happen if I created a community where the core culture was set by women, and the software and product decisions were also made by women. I couldn’t think of a social network defined that way, but I wanted to be part of one. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you! Cadran
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
I love Leap @cadran_c, I've been a member for months now and it's added so much value to my life as a woman in tech. 👩🏾‍💻 Leap is a safe space where we can ask questions, get support, spark debates and talk openly about the things we care about. There's an incredible diversity of perspectives and experiences plus candor with compassion. I'm really excited to see where the community goes in future. ✨✨
Cadran CowansageMaker@cadran_c · Software Engineer at Y Combinator
@abadesi Thanks for the kind words, @abadesi :) :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Awesome to see YC expand and continue experimenting. What features or changes do you plan to make next for Leap, @cadran_c?
Cadran CowansageMaker@cadran_c · Software Engineer at Y Combinator
@rrhoover Right now we've got one big feed of content, but we're getting to the point where tools to let members subscribe to specific topics would be helpful. So that's next! We're also planning to improve our notifications system, add images and gifs, improve our member directory and member search + more!
I joined Leap around the same time I was gearing up to launch my nonprofit. So much of the growth of our organization in the last couple months is thanks to the incredible community of women on Leap who were willing to be generous with their time and advice. Thank you for creating this, @cadran_c!
Cadran CowansageMaker@cadran_c · Software Engineer at Y Combinator
@tammywcho That makes me so glad to hear. Thanks so much for sharing this story and supporting Leap :)
Adora Cheung@nolimits · Partner @ Y Combinator
Congrats Cadran! Been a huge fan of Leap. An online community of women in tech is something that has been sorely missing. I've enjoyed meeting and chatting with everyone. Really looking forward to future conversations and new connections on there.
Cadran CowansageMaker@cadran_c · Software Engineer at Y Combinator
@nolimits Thank you!! :)