Leading Sales Teams Through Crisis

Actionable tactics from SaaS and sales leaders

Discover real advice from sales leaders who survived the 2001 and 2008 recessions, startup founders, CEOs, corporate leadership advisors, venture capital firms, mental health experts, and more.
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America is reopening, but no doubt, pandemic pains will burden us for months to come. The team at Close rounded up a solid collection of essays and articles from some of the most well known and reputable leaders in SaaS and sales. Lots of good tips here for running teams and navigating your business during the crisis. They’ve included a detailed table of contents, so you can jump right to the sections that interest you the most. :)
@hnshah Thanks for hunting! Excited to get this book out. Quick bit of backstory: We've heard from a lot of sales teams that are really hurting in these times (no surprise here). But we've also heard from others who've still been going strong. Even in hard-hit industries. For example, of one our customers is selling software to small tour operators. That industry is basically on life-support right now. And yet, their sales team has adapted and keeps performing—we tell the story in the book, including some of the specific ways the adapted to this crisis. What we're facing now is an unprecedented challenge for all of us—and many of the things we've done in the past work no longer. But that doesn't mean "it's over". Adapt fast. Experiment. Learn. You'd be surprised to see what's possible. Hopefully the advice we gathered in this book will help some sales teams survive and thrive throughout this crisis, and position themselves for bigger wins once we're through this. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, comments, and questions!
@hnshah @steli Some of my personal highlights: - A chapter by @thecoolestcool on why now could be a good time to bet on content - Some actionable tips by @jordan_wan on how to source leads that have budgets available - A piece by @marie_prokopets on why remote work during COVID-19 isn't normal And many more :) Big thanks again to everyone who contributed and shared what's working for them.
Wow this is a beast!💥 Congrats Close team for putting this together and including 360Learning! 🙌
I'm really excited to have helped with this! Big shout out to the 30+ contributors who helped make this book a reality
Thanks for mentioning Belkins, @steli. We happy to help you :)
Love the fact that there are so many collaborators in this effort, so its a collection of best practices and not just one person's advice. Nice work.