Prototyping straight into Keynote or Powerpoint

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I launched Keynotopia a couple of years ago to share my passion about prototyping with Keynote and PowerPoint. It was originally intended to help entrepreneurs create prototypes and validate ideas without doing much design or code, but it also became popular among designers. Feel free to ask me anything about the product or the business.
I think this video shows the power of Keynotopia
been a big fan for a while
Nice product, I see a lot of mockups made in Powerpoint or Keynote, these templates look waaay better, hope people start using this :) Are you updating this on a regular basis @amirkhella? (new iphones/ios/android etc.)
@bramk thanks for your kind words. I update the templates frequently with new platforms and OS versions, and I make all updates available for free for customers. We even launched the new Watch UI kit update ahead of Apple :) Hope you enjoy the product!
@bramk @amirkhella I paid for Keynotopia about 2 years back, and can vouch that it is updated regularly. Amir emails users regularly about updates to the product/new releases, and is really responsive to any questions/concerns.
I often recommend their templates to clients of us who are less familiar with more specialised prototyping tools. Everyone knows how to use powerpoint & keynote. Do you know other prototyping tools for 'starters'? Thanks