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The community submitted 99 reviews to tell us what they like about Premast, what Premast can do better, and more.
What do you think about Premast?
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aml saady
aml saady
1 review
Rose S Pina
Rose. Team Click One (Product Hunt),
7 reviews
Thank you Premast, We all know what we have to do when it comes to using and finding Icons and visual designs for your presentations. These are just a few pointers. - Plan carefully. - Do your research. - Know your audience. - Time your presentation. Great illustration and color, utilize their knowledge of color to portray mood, light, depth, and point of view in a work. Thank you to the Maker, and the Team at Premast for making it Easier for us to show quality presentations. Rose Team Click One
Andre Auf der Maur
Student in mechanical engineering
1 review
Very nice idea but add a filter that allows me too only see the none premium stuff. I wanted to try out the slides but didn't find any non premium version in like 5min and this is quite demotivating. The designs look very cool though.
Mayank Bishwas
Here to explore cool tools!
5 reviews
Congrats, guys! Very happy to specifically see the customizable SVG features. I have had hour-long scramblings for customizable icons online, but no more it seems :)
Kayla Stephenson
Photographer and crafter, hand letterer
2 reviews
So many choices, thank you so much. This is awesome
Omnia Ahmed
Marketing Lead
6 reviews
I really like the fact that I can create professional designs fast
Yoni Tzafrir
Newsly CEO. Audio news aggregator app
9 reviews
I love the way it is built and functioning. I love the community as well. Just what I was looking for.
N. Dhouimer
Project Manager
72 reviews
Premast is game changer for me. I love it and use it everyday. I only hope you can enrich the icon library
Donia Ahmed
1 review
I like how it's easy to use and it's a real time saver , I also like the verity of assets there.
Carl lee Frye

Design at Primitive Prophetic Artistry

40 reviews
all PowerPoint. not very useful with my software