It's like a whiteboard, but waaay better. From Google.

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Looks cool :) However, for now, I will keep my multicolor stickers on the wall, which I can show via Skype to my team 😂 😂 😂 It's auto-saved, easy to write\erase, synchronized with my brain in a real-time and cost less than $10. Everything is compatible with my mindmaps, calendar, Slack, Product Hunt, Facebook and even with Google Apps! Can work without WiFi. Works perfectly for a small remote startup team.
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@lisadziuba definitely! But note, this product was NOT made for teams, startups or even freelancers... This piece of gold is for enterprise use only, unfortunately.
@ivancucer @lisadziuba Not at $7k a pop. I don't see many companies willing to invest in this. Most won't even replace outdated projectors.. Love to have one but not for that price. Need more details as well on the ecosystem. Can you participate completely without a Jamboard via web or an app? They need to get people into the system and show the added value the Jamboard brings.. MS Surface tables?
@deanbrady ... agree. This is a "status" product. Probably more likely to be seen in heavily funded startups than most enterprises. There lots of alternatives, but interesting to see where Google/Alphabet are going with their hardware products.
The video has a few solid selling points — no more snapping crappy whiteboard pics, no more dread that your whiteboard will be erased! Certainly a compelling product, though also pricey!
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@chrismessina for $5000 you can buy a car
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@chrismessina I agree there were some good selling points. Felt odd that they saved them until the end though.
@kostyarypta @chrismessina you can't whiteboard a car
@kostyarypta For $5000, you can buy 1 minute per work day from 12 Silicon Valley engineers for a year. Will this add 1 minute of daily productivity to a 12 person team?
@chrismessina Holy shit - $300 to $600 a year in support and management fees IN ADDITION to the $5,000 board and $1,199 to $1,349 stand?!
Great to see this finally out! *lets seeeee if we can get this at the AngelList office* Looks like new cool way to schedule things / it uses AutoDrawtechnology to auto-correct your doodles 💯
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