iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

Apple's external battery case for the iPhone 7

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shame that they didn't spend some time improving the design since the last release.
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@_jacksmith yes they did, design is not only aesthetics
@sergiosa_la I was clearly referring to the aesthetic design. Apple is supposed to be known as a design driven company; so I wouldn't expect them to keep putting out things looking like this
@_jacksmith it is, so when the aesthetics from a design still fulfill its need, there's no need to disrupt and focus on other parts of design who makes you enjoy the phone. again, aesthetic is not only design
@sergiosa_la my point is that the design is widely considered to be really ugly, so I'm surprised that they didn't take time to improve it since the last release.
You've got to be kidding me...
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They should redesign these to have a audio jack. That would solve some of the issues people have of losing the jack on the phone.
@alexfinlayson great point. space shouldn't have been a constraint with the case
They still don't have one for the iPhone 7 plus 🤔
Now we are up voting smartphone cases? Oh wait it has a bigger camera opening and made by Apple, sigh.