Introduce two people via email without the hassle

IntroJoy lets you introduce two people via email without the hassle.

It’s an easier and quicker way to make double opt-in introductions and forwardable emails.

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cc'ing every VC I know. The double opt-in process is a bit laborious for those that might make a dozen+ intro's in a single day. Why did you decide to make this a tool on its own site rather than integrate IntroJoy into peoples' existing workflow, @kevinswy12 / @ashit_vora? Granted I haven't tried it yet.
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@rrhoover, we initially thought of building this as a Chrome Extension but they don't work on mobile browsers. Moreover, we built this based on Alex Iskold requesting a web app specifically and we thought it made sense to go that route.
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I seriously can't stop using this in my role at a University accelerator - it's intros all day. Looking for some improvements in adding more people to emails.
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It feels like I spend half my life coordinating double opt-in intros so I'm excited to see some innovation in this space! It feels a little impersonal so I don't know how much I would use it, but I see this tool as a sign of more to come in this direction
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Great job!! 😊 Super useful and handy !!
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This does solve a serious problem. Looking forward to using it. Good job!!
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