Get a chatbot without writing code or any special content

Are You fed up with creating bot-specific QnA? chatbots simply read your existing help content and learn by themselves. Organizations' help content already contains the answers to users’ questions. We retrieve them automagically.
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Hi everyone, Here is Nick, CEO. Thanks @chrismessina for hunting is the solution for automating the chatbot creation starting from a huge Help Content knowledge base. Creating a chatbot today means doing a long, complex and manual process. A company which wants to create a chatbot have to identify all the possible questions user can ask, create bot-specific QnA reworking company’s knowledge, insert them manually in the selected platform, and then do the training of the AI by inserting questions’ variants and test and correct the behavior of the AI. Automating this process sounds impossible, no? lets everyone create a chatbot faster as never before, we like to say that is the Usain Bo(l)t of chatbots platforms ;) Our chatbots read existing company Help Content and learn by themselves, they are able to understand user’s questions with both natural expressions and business jargon. We use your Help Content knowledge base as it is, minimizing your effort for adapting your content to be used by our artificial intelligence. The setup process of takes less than 10 minutes on the average, compared to 6 months of other platforms. At the launch we currently support: Zendesk Guide, Intercom, and any FAQ page; we are working on HelpScout, Front, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zoho, Kayako, Groove, and HappyFox. Asking an organization to rewrite all the knowledge they accumulated year over year into a QnA format only to enable a new channel, a chatbot, is crazy! We are here for that! Would love to hear your thoughts!
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I never found a product like this. The possibility to create a chatbot without any coding experience is great!
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Great idea! A chatbot without coding for FAQs of websites and applications!
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Great idea, it offers to a large public without special skills in informatics the possibility to get a chatbot.
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Thank You so much @eulerr for the feedback!