An army of the young and the low-risk helping people in need

ImmuneCorps aims to aggregate an army of those recovered from COVID-19 and are low-risk to the virus, who can use this platform to help the most high-risk among us navigate the pandemic and its aftermath.
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Amazing that a volunteer team built this. Thank you, it’s sorely needed. Please distribute as widely as you can.
@naval Thank you! We enjoyed woking on this project a lot 🙏
I've enjoyed watching this product come to life after this tweet from @naval: They're launching in NYC and SF to start. If you're young and healthy, consider volunteering.
We launched ImmuneCorps with the belief that someday, there will be millions of people who have recovered from Covid-19. The best evidence suggests that they won't get infected again soon and won’t infect others by shedding the virus, and that we will be an army of the immune volunteering to help people in need, from in-home services to plasma donations. But we're not there yet; all of us are still at risk. For now, ImmuneCorps connects those who can afford to take some risk to help the most at-risk in their community, so that as many of us as possible can get through this pandemic together. Please help spread the word and sign up to help if you can. <3. Thank you Ryan Hoover for the hunt and Naval for the inspiration!
In times of crisis, the strength of a society is measured by how we come together - ImmuneCorps can help us unite and accelerate our recovery.