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We initially had this one.
Is it better?
Love the problem that @jphaas1 & @estraschnov are trying to solve. Would love to hear about some uses so far of the platform.
I'm surprised they don't show any real-world examples of apps/sites built with Bubble. I'm naturally skeptical of these "WYSWYG" builders but this could be fantastic for prototypes or simple products. Stamplay is similar.
Check out the "What our users have built" section on our homepage... we link to a couple client sides including http://rippleconcerts.com/, http://tyled.co/, http://kindthread.com/, all of which were built by people with zero programming experience (a couple harvard business school students and a person in Switzerland who found us online)
Actually @rrhoover http://rippleconcerts.com/ was built on the platform.