Where everyone can invest in startups & tokens

Republic is an investment platform, where anyone can be an angel investor with as little as $10. For startups, it's a place to get exposure and funding at the same time, while acquiring an army of loyal fans. 95% of Republic fundraises have been successful.

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Congrats to the Republic team on launching this important platform that will open up opportunities for founders and a new set of investors. More from Republic's Founder, Kendrick:
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And here's the launch announcement from my co-founder Paul:
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Niv Dror
VC at Shrug Capital
Congrats on the launch! For years I've been wanting to invest in starts and wondered why people can go lose all their money in Vegas, but can't put money behind things they believe in. Glad the laws change and that an equity platform like this exists. 🚀🚀
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Thomas Stö
This looks great. Can't wait for the launch.
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Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch @KendrickESQ! Can you talk about the moment when you knew you wanted to start Republic?
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@eriktorenberg When the SEC announced last November that retail investment crowdfunding would be legal in May 2016, I kinda knew then that it would be a calling. AngelList decided not to operate in the retail space, but Naval and the entire AngelList team have been incredibly supportive of Paul’s and my effort to build Republic. After all, Republic does share AngelList’s mission of democratizing investing. We're just taking it to the general public, whereas AngelList’s fundraising products focus on high net worth angels and investment funds only.
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Katherine Krug
Founder, BetterBack + SuperStraps
So excited for Republic! Letting customers instead of investors own a piece of your biz while raising capital is powerful. Thanks for bringing this into the world!
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@katherinekrug Thank you for lending your expertise to help us and other entrepreneurs. To have a successful crowdfunding campaign, founders gotta execute a tight strategy post going live.