Idea Crunch

Successful business ideas not yet launched in your country

Idea Crunch is a platform that lists successful business ideas not yet launched in your country. Entrepreneurs can run with the ideas for free, or apply to pitch a group of interested investors, convincing them why they are the best person to start the concept locally.

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"Successful business ideas not yet launched in your country" Makes me think of @jian_yang1 ๐Ÿ˜‚
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@jian_yang1 @daviswbaer @jasonser haha, such a great photo! :p
Nice opportunity. How long should we wait to access our account?
@zakjone52038043 Hey Zak! We're just processing everything today. I'll shoot you through an email in the next 24 hours :)
@zakjone52038043 @alecramsey Hi xx touching base before I go looking - I couldnt help myself (seed start-up)
@hereripenebaker Hi! Let me know if there is anything I can help with! :)
@alecramsey Great, thank you. Take your time... :)
i like this project )) good job,,
How can I get access?
@marcus_john_safar Hey Marcus! You just need to register on the site at :)
@alecramsey Great! I like this idea and I can see it really working out for some driven people in the US market. It's pretty amazing how long ideas take to jump the seas.
@marcus_john_safar Yeah, I completely agree. Glad to hear you like the concept behind it!