How Is Everyone?

An attempt to find out how the world is feeling 🌍

#2 Product of the DayJune 07, 2019
Ever wondered how the world is feeling? Sometimes we forget to ask. This online poll encourages people to take a moment to reflect on their mood. Cast your vote, share with others and view the results of poll. Let's make it the biggest poll of all time 🌍
  • Andrea Hernández
    Andrea HernándezFounder, Pretty Eats

    Reminds people to check in with themselves and their emotions. Also the fact we belong to a greater community



    We should def have more of these global check ups that are not run by any organization or institution. But that spread virally as we all connect with our shared humanity.

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  • Erin Ben
    Erin BenWeb Entrepreneur, angle investor.

    Nice idea


    A bit lean - how about a daily survey or an extension

    Maybe one day it will be a big thing like crowd voting system

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What a heartfelt idea, thank you @geeogi for creating this, actually took a good moment to respond which emoji resonated with me at the moment and was not dissappointed with my answer. Thanks for checking up with the rest of us, what a good reminder to be mindful of our emotions and that we belong to a collective afterall, hope everyone else is doing great!
Disclaimer: Not looking to self-promote, I really like this idea and want to make it cooler. A while back I developed a PoC of a global visualizer of Twitter sentiment analysis based on a given keyword. I think, if it's not already in the works, How Is Everyone? could use a chunk of what I already wrote to project located responses on a globe so we could see how "everyone" is doing in a geospatial sense. Just my two cents. Nice little project regardless!
@chris_germano Amazing we will look into it ;)
Really love this idea! #biggestpollofalltime 🤞
Love this!! :)
I would suggest you to Replace The Emojis with images, or use a custom font for the emojis (like Font Awesome) - as they can be misleading on some platforms. Great idea though, keep it up!
@mrigankpawagi1 That makes sense, we'll take a look