Font Awesome 5 is popular collection of icons. Now version 5 after great Kickstarter funding.

  • T0ha
    T0haSole Founder /Developer

    Very useful icon pack



    I use it in all my products.

    T0ha has used this product for one year.
  • Aaron Wright
    Aaron WrightiOS, Android, Web applications developer

    Alof of variety!


    Can't think of any

    I like the variety of icons FA offers, looking forward to upgrading to pro!

    Aaron Wright has used this product for one year.
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Dang Tran
Dang Tran@designxtek · Inventor of Gravity Chopsticks®
Just downloaded! Using it for my new web layout.
Lasha@lasha_kakhidze · Software Engineer
New icons are good and this introduction video is so funny :)))
Anthony Da Mota
Anthony Da Mota@akdm_ · I upvote things that matter.
Yay! Proud backer here, I couldn’t wait the final version 🤘
William Woodhead
William Woodhead@willam_woodhead · Founder | Developer | Designer
love this video! font awesome has always been my goto. looks great!
Jose Garay
Jose Garay@joselfgaray · creating
i luv u
Dave Gandy
Dave GandyMaker@davegandy · I make Font Awesome & Fonticons.
@joselfgaray Aw, thanks. Or did you mean the guy in the video? Or Kaylee? Or Milton? Or Alfred the fantastic dancing baker? :)