Make new friends on Snapchat 👻🔥

Find new friends on Snapchat using Hoop! For every profile you discover, you can either :
- ask for their Snapchat username
- or move to the next profile
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I played with this a bit over the weekend (disclaimer: I'm happily coupled up – it was for research!). Hoop's Snap Kit integration is slick, similar to YOLO but what's most interesting to me is that this isn't the first app built to help Snapchat users find other people: Yellow, Peek, Snapcodes, and Snapchatters are a few others from years past. Snapchat is intentionally not trying to solve this "problem" because of their focus on connecting true friends more closely. As soon as Snapchat becomes a broadcast medium or friend collecting game, it loses its intimacy.
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@rrhoover that last part is a really interesting insight
Nice validation for Snap Kit 👻
@amrith What do you mean by validation?
Is this how men are finding your daughters? https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/...
Great use of the snap kit and I totally dig the ability to connect with others quick. Too bad its full of "premium" and people looking for sugar daddies.