A curated list of the top Snapchatter's BooR Codes

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Yesterday, @corleyh and I (finally) setup a Product Hunt Snapchat account (username: ProductHuntTeam, BooR code below). It’s been interesting to see how Snapchat has grown and the ways people and brands are using it. SnapCodes does a good job of categorizing people. I’m a fan of @chriscarm’s storytelling and @everlane is showing how brands can create fun, authentic stories. P.S. We’re looking for someone to own everything social at Product Hunt. Apply on Snapchat. 👻
@rrhoover Yes, I too love @everlane's use of Snapchat. I've also been following the live New York Fashion Week updates the past few days and really enjoy seeing different perspectives of the shows and street style from one place!
We built Snapcodes ( because we had an itch to scratch. Hunter Harrison, Mike Metzler, and I were really annoyed with how difficult it is to find and follow amazing people on Snapchat. There isn't a discovery tool natively built into the app (even with todays crazy new update), or a featured users section (like on Twitter or Instagram) - rendering it nearly impossible to find people without manually typing in their usernames. Snapchat recently created the 'Boo-R' code (their version of the QR code), which allows you to point your phone at a code (while inside of Snapchat) and automagically add the user. BUT - we went on a hunt ;) to find a database of codes online...and we couldn't find anything. So we built it. We launched 'Snapcodes' less than a month ago. The response has been overwhelming, and people from all over the world have shared how much they enjoy using our site on a daily basis. We're already the largest database online for Snapchat codes, and our list of codes and categories continue to grow at an alarming rate. If you're on Snapchat, feel free to submit your code on our site! TL:DR We built a Snapchat discovery site ( in less than 24 hours a few weeks ago - it's the ONLY place online to find amazing snapchat codes that are super simple to add. BONUS: anyone can submit their codes and be listed on the site! Product Hunt - You guys ROCK!
@erskine Great idea. Practical. Nicely executed. Cool. I won't be submitting mine. ;)
Hey @erskine, @hunrharrison, @mtzler! Good job with Snapcodes. Just wanted to share a short experience I had with a similar product I quickly built a few months ago (before the snapcodes were released by Snapchat). I made an experiment called Snapchatters ( when SC launched the "Stories" feature. The SC community at that time really endorsed the website but I've stopped working on it the day after I launched the website. In fact I realized that SC isn't Twitter. You can follow 300+ people on Twitter but you can't on SC. You would have more than 24 hours of content to watch every day. I think this is probably the reason why SC haven't added an "Explore/Discover" tab within the app. That's why I didn't see the point of working of this product. Would love to hear what you guys think ab. this, because that's a fact right? Thanks! cc @rrhoover
😄 good luck !
Let me know if you want any help ☺️
@chriscarm Thanks Chris! We'll connect with you shortly.