Find and follow the most interesting people on Snapchat

Thanks for hunting us @erictwillis! I'm Jacob, the founder. We've built Peek because we think that viewing Snapchat stories from celebrities and other people you don't have a personal relationship with is kind of broken. It's really hard to find these peoples snapchat usernames, and there is a lot of friction to adding them once you've found the username, but most of all, it is just not sustainable for Snapchat users to add several hundreds of people like they would on other social networks. Your stories feed gets cluttered and you end up missing your friends content - it's not ideal. With Peek we help people discover Snapchatters and provide a place for them to consume their content without having to clutter their Snapchat stories feed. When you follow a creator on Peek, you will stay up to date with all of there Snapchat content as they make it. We think this will allow people to enjoy a lot more Snapchat content then they otherwise would have. I would love to hear what the PH community thinks!
I think this is really cool. It seems like this is a feature that the regular Snapchat app lacks.