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  • Whitney Quinn
    Whitney QuinnJust a consumer

    Ability to get prescription acne meds without phenoxyethanol or comedogenic ingredients.


    Low tretinoin amounts

    I had used a competitor for a bit before switching to a prescription tretinoin cream since I developed an allergy to the base change of the competitor. I had issue with what yoderm wanted to prescribe, then lemonaidhealth would no longer do my scripts after doing them before, and managed to find this place. I have no problem with the base ingredients at all, which is great. But I wish the tretinoin amount were aligned with the studies .05% (what I was using) as they only go to .02%. I also do wish they’d have Azelaic Acid included as well. The other alternative is dermacare whom I am told is no longer doing prescription ingredients for new patients (don’t know why). All in all I do recommend for clindamycin but I think it’s a bit expensive for that alone, hopefully they increase their tret amounts. Shipping took a week but the Dr seems friendly and thorough.

    Whitney Quinn has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Fast responses through email and messages


    Must pay for a membership to get prescriptions, receiving benefit from your subscription is not guaranteed, little information on website

    The website had me first buy a $10 subscription after clicking a “try now - $30” button for birth control that is “easier to access for women” through their website. It gave me the hopes of being prescribed birth control for ovarian cyst pain and heavy periods. After my medical evaluation, the doctor told me she couldn’t help me and to go see my doctor to be treated. She gave me no other useful tips or advice. I feel like turning patients away to other doctors defeats the whole purpose of this website. It advertises the ease of getting birth control to women who need it, and many women receive it to treat their acne, heavy periods, and ovarian cysts. I paid for a membership for nothing. There also isn’t a direct button to cancel your $10/month subscription. You have to request for it to be cancelled.

    Adri Sano has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Excellent marketing


    Male owned company providing potentially dangerous prescriptions to Women without highling the dangers and risks of these products.

    Please beware and do extensive research Particularly for the ”women’s viagra” a dangerous anti depressant with the strictes fda warning.

    Xara Mei has never used this product.