Houseparty for web. Change the URL and chat in your room

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This is like a lightweight version of Sqwiggle (RIP). If you use this with the floating browser, Helium, you can create a 24/7 desktop-friendly houseparty.
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@rrhoover note: Hi Ryan. If I search in the PH official search box for SayHello.li I can't find this tool, but if I search in Google for site:producthunt.com sayhello.li I can find it instantly. This is just one example. I have this issue with many of the new tools that appear on PH.
Hi I am the maker of this product. To give you some insights about the product, it is a web application that runs on most recent browsers that support WEBRTC (Try it in Google Chrome :) ). It enables video conferencing to upto 6 people. Feel free to share your thoughts here.
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@vsnthv WEBRTC rocks, thanks for the simplicity of this product ! :)
@vsnthv Congrats Vasanth. Neat product.
Hi @vsnthv, I am getting this error in Chrome for Mac (no issues in Firefox). Any idea of what could be causing it?
@robingood What error?
Wow! This one is like appear.in - but here you just decide the URL directly on your address bar!. I just wish this allowed atleast 12 people to chat. - Future plans? How do you plan to monetise, if that's on your projects radar. - is there a plan to provide custom domain (or a subdomain) feature for users. - What happens to Hello if Whatsapp comes with group video calls using WebRTC tech. - WebRTC is the highest and best 'tech' behind webinars - will you get into enterprise category? Great simple product - kudos @vsnthv
@adithya Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Haven't thought about monetising it till now, getting customer feedback and to build a solid platform for video conference will be the first step. No plans to provide custom domain. If Whatsapp creates something similar, good luck to them for adding one more button to the chat screen :) Enterprise? I created it mainly for casual chats between friends. Soon you might see the group limit to be 8. But 12? thats going to be a hell of a noise :)
This is like blab... but blab didn't work out. What makes this better (or more positioned to work) than blab?
@bentossell We don't broadcast the conference, its just between the 6 people. Its more like Mozilla Hello (which is also dead like blab ;) ) but for 6 people.
@vsnthv could you add some images of the product in action please
@bentossell Sure. Done. :)
I will be available in this room for a while https://sayhello.li/producthunt
@vsnthv Hey, great product! What the best way to get in touch with you guys? Thanks. -PS
@takethisout Twitter is the best way. Tweet or DM me @vsnthv
@vsnthv Great! Thank you.