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Hi, the maker of Helium here!

I'm glad you all like it! I've spent so many hours trying to watch Hulu while I code, always getting frustrated when the video gets lost behind my work. A few days ago, I spent the night hacking this together to fix that, and I'm pretty pleased by the results!

A really neat use case that I hadn't even considered is using Helium to watch programming tutorials while coding, which is a really awesome prospect! I'm very passionate about education, so I think it's really great that a "productivity" product of this sort can be repurposed to provide that kind of value.

I've got some interesting new features planned, such as automatic fill-window mode for Hulu and Youtube videos. Also, I want to look into a way to get a 1-click "Open in Helium" button in Safari. Further, multi-window support is coming for all you crazies who want to watch Hulu and Netflix simultaneously!

Thanks for trying Helium out! Feel free to check out the source code too—you'd be surprised how simple this was to implement on OS X!
Greg Barbosa — Founder, Prayer Hands Apparel
@jadengeller You mentioned exactly why I can't wait to use it: Programming tutorials while coding. Switching windows back and forth on a small screen is not ideal, Helium makes that problem disappear.
tom meagher — now is good.
@jadengeller Swift FTW!
@thomasmeagher I'm absolutely in love with Swift! If you want to see more cool Swift stuff, check out my Gists! https://gist.github.com/JadenGeller
tom meagher — now is good.
@jadengeller will do 😎
Bram Kanstein (@bramk) — Creator of @startupstash
I was trying to figure out how to watch the new Silicon Valley HBO, and then I just dragged the file in there, WHAAAT

This is amazing
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