24/7 Video Chat for Remote Teams

#2 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2013
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The enterprise/business messaging space is hot right now with several players like Hall, Flowtab, Campfire, and Quip. And for good reason. Several startups struggle to communicate, especially with remote teams. What I love about Sqwiggle is that it's taking a drastic departure from traditional, heavily text-based online communication. I describe it as a hybrid between IRC + Skype Video except it's always on. Simply tap on a teammate's video feed to jump in to a video chat. This is far more effective in communicating as demonstrated by this well-known graph in Agile methodology - . BUT Sqwiggle's product is so unique that it's attempting to drastically change peoples' behaviors (imagine how you would feel or act knowing your team can always see what you're doing at your desk). It remains to be seen if @tommoor and team can overcome that hurdle.
For those that come across this, we now have a free plan with no limits on the number of users. https://www.sqwiggle.com/pricing
Thanks for adding Sqwiggle Ryan! Happy to answer any questions that people might have about the product - I think you did a great job of describing it! :)
Too bad we can't do a Sqwiggle AMA embedded inside Product Hunt (cc @nbashaw). Too meta? :) @tommoor - I'm very curious to hear how you've changed the product since you launched the first version and what influenced those changes.
I think a lot of the biggest shifts we've made so far were in the first month or two as we stumbled around trying to find something that felt 'right'. One bigger example - the first version was full video, all the time! We gradually kept reducing the frame rate until we hit upon something that felt 'present' whilst keeping mental and data bandwidth low... once we had this core piece things started to slot together nicely :) The other thing is that the first versions didn't include any form of text chat at all, this was very much by design to 'force' people into using the video. One thing we've realised is that no matter how great/seamless the video is there will always be times when text chat is more appropriate when you use Sqwiggle to communicate all day.