Hansel.io for Android apps

Deploy hot-fixes and UI changes in real time for your app

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Instantly make changes and deploy fixes to your Android app. Reduce crashes and fix problems faster for your mobile users. What more could you want? Check it out if you've got an Android app and bug them about adding iOS support ASAP!
@hnshah Thank you for hunting us and for the kind words. Honored. And iOS support is coming up, very soon :)
@hnshah If you're looking for an iOS solution that works *today* and does the same thing (Instantly make changes and deploy fixes to your iOS app) you should check out https://Rollout.io (where I work). We've supported objective-C apps for over a year and Swift support will be ready in about a month. Kudos to the hansel team for making a very cool android solution!
@prutwo @hnshah I think you guys at Rollout are awesome! Always great to have company. Although, from a tech/implementation standpoint we may be branching out than in.
My tech team + customer service team are going to love this. Excited to see how this is going to improve our user retention stats going forward. Looking forward to iOS support :)
Whenever I hear Hansel, I think of... (and sorry, don't mean to derail the thread 😁)
@rrhoover Haha! That fashion though :P
Hey all, I am the co-founder of Hansel.io. Let’s talk about crash-free and bug-free experiences on native mobile apps :) I am happy to take any questions and feedback from the community.
@nonstopnewsense This sounds great! A little more about how it works? Will we be violating any store policies in using it? Also, will this work with SDKs too? (We build hotline.io and can see great value from something like this for us and our customers to make changes on the fly)
@srikrishnang Thanks for the question. Regarding how we work: During the Android build process, we add interpreters, exception handlers, and flags to your byte code. At runtime, when you hit a problem, you can choose a hotfix from the dashboard. This triggers the exception handlers/function flags/function data manipulation at runtime. On the store policies, we do not violate them as we do not inject native code or modify the APK at runtime. Think of this as pre-built triggers and code execution similar to React Native apps. As of now, we do not have support for SDKs yet. That said, the fundamental principles of the product will still remain the same for SDKs and will be a natural expansion. Will keep you posted.
This looks great. A treat for the developers! Good job :)
@ankit_oberoi Thanks for the kind words.