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Intelligent team communication


Hangouts Chat is an intelligent and secure communications tool, built for teams. From direct messages to group conversations, Chat makes team communication easy and efficient. Rolling out for all G Suite customers over the next week.

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So I was extremely excited by the EAP, and the subsequent release, but both times I've found it extremely lacking. The windows app feels like an afterthought. Security key logins don't work, and it seems to just be running in a knockoff electron. It has an ugly stock windows toolbar that disrupts the UI, and once you arrive in the product things don't really improve. I can't talk to someone outside of my gsuite domain, and they can't be invited to rooms I've created. The site says that 'To help make your chat experience seamless, all your Chat conversations will sync with your classic Hangouts experience.', but that's either not working for me, or not a thing yet, as I can't get PM or group conversations in inbox. Add to that that I don't really buy in to every conversation being a thread (slack 'threads' tend to be the worst feature in their platform), and this ends up being a non-starter for us.

Recurring theme in gsuite: excitement followed by frustration at the little things. Can't use google home fully with gsuite accounts. The constant barrage of new chat solutions and early retirement of old ones. The announcement of a meeting telepresence solution, as long as anyone you ever want to invite uses chrome. It's hard to have faith in a GSuite solution anymore. The core remains strong, but the new individual products always seem to veer off short of being usable.


Lots of potential here, search seems good


Clunky, Feature Sparse, and coming from a poor track record of comms @ Google

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I don't know - I think Google has really a big problem whats important and what not. I don't see that I or any company will really use it, except when they use hangouts already. I moved any private stuff and especially work related stuff to slack or WhatsApp.

I would have welcomed if they would improve GoogleMail or would have improved hangouts in general for all users instead of making a half baked attempt with this.


It's Hangouts...


no new features

no added security, no end-to-end encryption option - useless for EU

no real desktop app for integration

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After EAP, I am still very excited for this new Google Cloud product! Hangouts Chat will open up group messaging to a much wider range of organizations than before. (There are so many orgs that DO have & love G Suite, but don't use Slack on an org-wide scale. Yes, I know that's hard to believe for the people in this community. ;)

While during the EAP it was obvious why you couldn't connect to users from other G Suite domains, sadly that's still not possible. The integration with 'classic' Hangouts could be better too: Group-messages should sync as well, like the 'private' messages.


Well integrated with G Suite, and a free addition; Very extendable


Only intra-domain communications, "Not good enough" (yet?) to convince Slack users

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let's see if Google can make it


crossplatform availability, app has a potential


interface in mobile version is not so easy to use

nice rly





The over experience is pretty bad and confusing. Switching back to hangouts for now. Only reason we're using hangouts / chat is the HIPAA otherwise would have gone with Slack.


Don't know for now.


Very confusing the mix of hangouts, chat and meet. Opening up a video call is a pain. Doesn't work well on the iPhone / mac.