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The app doesn’t actually do what Gumroad is known for, you can’t open it and buy a book, or an album, or what have you. Instead, it allows Gumroad buyers to view the content that they’ve already purchased.
Thanks for hunting this, @kwdinc! Happy to answer any questions, and @alhertz and @elliomax from Gumroad (they built it!) should chime in as well. Really excited to make consuming content purchased through Gumroad even easier.
congrats @delk! Gumroad's been around for a while - why the mobile now? what can people expect on the mobile experience that they can't get on web?
@eriktorenberg Great questions! A few answers: Why now? We've crafted a pretty amazing experience for consumption on the web, and have heard from a lot of folks (both creators and their buyers) that they really wanted a similar experience on mobile. This is something we all love about big, established marketplaces like Amazon and Apple — the big guys make it easy to get files onto a mobile device. With so many filmmakers, musicians, and authors using Gumroad now, we wanted to deliver a best-in-class consumption experience, without creators having to front massive fees that other marketplaces tack on. Mobile vs. Web. The experience on mobile is very similar to that on the web, with the massive benefit being that it's always with you on your mobile device, and (if the creator has made the option available) you can save the file for viewing offline. So if you've just bought 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' through Gumroad, you can easily watch it on an upcoming flight. Mobile devices have also become a router for consumption outside of the devices themselves, both Airplay and Chromecast are great examples of that, and the iOS app makes both of these use cases super simple, particularly for film and music content.
I was hoping to use Gumroad for my latest project, but found out that it doesn't fit. Re: Why you don't offer this category of simple payments?
@mightyalex we this we can build a more useful product by being focused on a use case and expanding outwards from there.