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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 17, 2020
Compare the news and judge the truth for yourself!
To combat misinformation and media bias, Ground News Pro lets users
easily compare how outlets from across the political spectrum
and around the world are covering the same news event
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Hi PH- here is a link to my story and inspiration for launching Ground News Pro TLDR: Being a former NASA engineer I believe that understanding news should not be harder than rocket science. Launching Ground News Pro the world’s first news source comparison platform that will help voters make better-informed decisions, drawing from more than 40,000 news sources worldwide and featuring an average of 30,000 news stories per day. Some features that set up apart: - Compare news sources per story and see extreme versions ( that your friends and neighbours might be reading) - Sort news sources by Bias, Time and Location - Follow over 150k topics, sources, locations
This is very cool, although I wouldn't say it's the first - accomplishes something similar. Regardless, this is an impressive implementation and I'm excited to give it a shot.
@savannah_king_norton Thanks Savannah! Yes, please do give it a shot and feedback is very welcome! I took a quick look at spidr, will check it out more after PH. One thing we really emphasize at Ground News is the bias of each news publication. Eg. this story about Iran has Iranian, Israeli, US and sources from all over the world from left and right
Super innovative idea. Will be my go to this election season.
@matthew_brassard that's exactly we timed the release 2 weeks before the Democratic Primaries