A NASA space engineer fixing Fake News

Ground is a new app that fills the information gap between social media and traditional news media. Ground busts Fake News by engaging users on the ground and using patent-pending AI tech and human verification.

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Hi PH- I am a former NASA space engineer 🚀 on a mission to fix the news industry. The inspiration behind Ground is to put news reporting and verification in the hands of qualified journalists and eyewitnesses. Launching in memorial of one of the greatest journalist of the century, Edward Murrow! Features: - Read verified news from over 10,000 news publications - Unique Map interface - Track Social Media coverage of the news - Contact eyewitnesses to get latest updates - Receive push notifications for verified breaking news - Receive push notifications for flagged fake news *Benefits* : - Burst your filter-bubble - News from all over the world (no more ignoring Congo!) - Accountability for every news article - Cut out the noise *Upvote us to save democracy as we know it! No pressure....*
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This logo looks exactly like logo. Related?
@manny_orduna It's the electrical ground symbol, so no surprise there's more than one company using it.
@lee_warren1 :( such a noob error. Thanks for informing me
@manny_orduna no worries! We went a bit geeky on the logo :)
@harleen I'm sad that I wasn't geeky enough to be in on it :(

List and map views of news. I use a lot of news services and Ground has my favorite.


Verified news summary, global or local. Links to more indepth news


Nothing so far . .

Thanks Guy- we have figured out that there are people who like exploring the Map and people who like efficient feed format. We have included both the features.
Congrats on the Launch! Where do you see Ground going in the next 6-12 months, Harleen? More crowdsourced news? More AI? More editorial? Looks great so far!
@andrewpflynn thanks ! Plan is to keep adding more news sources. We have over 10K news publications included but we aim to have every single credible international/national and local publication included.
During the times of fake news this could be great solution! Nice idea!
@michal_urbanowicz thanks! we are trying to combine tech with traditional journalism and eyewitness commentary to provide a full picture. Hope you like it :)