Groove 2.0

Helping teams provide personal support at scale.

A new and better way to support your customers. Groove 2.0 helps you turn your customer interactions into meaningful conversations and stronger relationships. Comprised of a simple yet powerful multi-channel shared Inbox, Knowledge Base, and Reports, Groove 2.0 is a perfect alternative to overly complicated and overpriced help desk solutions.

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Hey everyone! I’m Alex, CEO and founder of Groove. First of all—thanks so much for hunting Groove 2.0. We’re extremely excited to share our hard work with the Product Hunt community! For the past 2 years, we’ve painstakingly torn down, rethought, and rebuilt nearly everything we spent the five years prior working on. And now, we’re finally here, ready to share the culmination of an incredible amount of hard work by a team that continues to amaze me. Groove 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up to be up to 8x faster and far more powerful than it has ever been. 🚀 We’ve introduced game-changing new features for better collaboration, and a new reporting platform that gives teams unparalleled insights into their performance. And, perhaps our longest-standing customer request, we’ve rebuilt our Knowledge Base product from the ground up to be the absolute best option for help docs on the market. The new Groove 2.0 consisting of Inbox, Knowledge Base, and Reports is available to everyone starting today. We’re not done improving yet so be sure to keep an eye out as the rebuilt version of Groove becomes the baseline for further developments. In the meantime, we’d love everyone’s feedback on Groove 2.0 and all of its functionalities, so we can continue making it better for you. Cheers, Alex
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@alexmturnbull Saw your email earlier today and replied too. Looking forward to the new product experience!
@alexmturnbull Hi Alex - I was really excited to hear you would be blogging again. We really valued the content you created in the past about your journey and we're excited to read more from you via your Founder's diary. Thanks for the quality, insight and consistency of your writing. Cheers, Mark
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@mark_kingston Thanks for the feedback. I'm stoked to be back! In my next week's post, I will share more juicy details about building Groove 2.0 and the final months of 2017 which were the hardest of my professional life.
@alexmturnbull Congratulations Alex and all the team! Looks awesome 🥂

After using the free trial a bit I'm amazed how easy it integrates with my other already used tools, great job on that!


Works with the tools you are already using: Groove 2.0 is integrated with your other favorite tools such as Stripe, Trello and Shopify.


Doesn’t offer SSO/SAML for users

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Hi Antu, Thanks for the feedback! While we would have loved to launch with SSO/SAML, we decided to table that feature for initial launch and focus on features that would benefit the majority of users. Now that we have Groove 2.0 out the door, we will be working on fine tuning the product based off the feedback we get from our customers for the next few weeks and then picking up SSO/SAML along with a couple other features which will be geared to more Enterprise level accounts. Have an awesome day, Nick
Clean and beautiful. Love it! Bad customer support can make me really hate a company (personally) It’s so important to provide your customers high quality & fast respond and it seems Groove can really solve it.
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@yuval_halevi I feel you! Good customer support is one of the main reasons for me to recommend a company / product to my friends. If the experience is bad, I never return. That's why I personally love working for Groove. We really care about making customer support better and solving the problems that many companies face when using other customer service solutions.
Looks cool. Love that is integrates with all my current stack of tools!
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@itaielizur You can find a full list of our integrations here: we are also working on adding Jira, Asana, and Amazon integration.
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@itaielizur @alexmturnbull Good read that are working with integrations. I searched the API endpoints and did not find a method to update the agent or mailbox email signature (via API) I would like to integrate Bybrand with you. Will be that improving the API method is in the Groover 2.0 product timeline?
@itaielizur @alexmturnbull @bernardocastro Heya Bernardo 👋 What you found there is the customer API. We have a bunch of native integrations lined up, but drop us a line at and we can see how we could potentially integrate.
I recently had a terrible customer experience with HostGator. As a small business owner, I strongly rely on the support of my hosting provider. I just discovered Groove 2.0, and it looks like big companies such HG could improve their (weak) customer service, by starting using this software. Make it simple, make it better! Well done, @alexmturnbull !
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Thanks man!
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@alexmturnbull @erikemanuelli "I recently had a terrible customer experience with HostGator." I honestly think that no one ever had a good experience with HostGator support. Someone needs to pitch them groove
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@erikemanuelli @emily_kenned We would love to help HostGator improve their customer support experience! Send them our way :) Groove is a great tool for both small and big businesses like HG. Many of our customers significantly boosted their response time and customer satisfaction ratings after moving to Groove.
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@alexmturnbull @emily_kenned I'm a HostGator customer since almost 10 years. I used to be really happy of their services, then the quality of the customer support started to decline in the last couple of years. I think the big change came with Hostgator being sold to Endurance International Group. Why do they not invested in keeping a great support to their clients? Instead, whenever there's was an issue, I kept talking with people not willing to help me and giving me general answers (I always used the chat). And I have a dedicated server with them, not a tiny shared account. So yeah, next time I talk with them, I'm going to pitch Groove.
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@emily_kenned @erikemanuelli that's sad to hear that the quality of their customer support has suffered so much. I truly hope that they improve it. Let them know that we are here to help.
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