Google Year in Search 2017

See what was trending in 2017 through Google searches

Year in Search 2017 is data on the most searched for topics on Google from 2017.

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For those of you visiting from the Product Hunt newsletter, here are the answers. Enjoy! Questions #1: What was the most popular TV show? 📺 - Game of Thrones - American Gods - Stranger Things 👈 CORRECT ANSWER - 13 Reasons Why - Silicon Valley Question #2: What was the most popular “how to…” query? 🤔 - How to buy bitcoin - How to sell bitcoin - How to make a LaCroix spritzer - How to make slime 👈 CORRECT ANSWER - How to make a fidget spinner Question #3: What was the most popular tech product? 📱 - Nintendo Switch - Razer Phone - iPhone 8 👈 CORRECT ANSWER - iPhone X - Squatty Potty Give yourself a gold star. 🌟
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@producthunt wow... I was really off :(
@producthunt I want to live in a timeline where Q2's answer is LaCroix spritzer.
@producthunt wth is a squatty potty
@producthunt I correctly guessed Game of Thrones, How to buy bitcoin, and iPhone X... wait...
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@producthunt @mdnislam007 It's kind of a small chair to level your legs up when you ... poop. It helps poop better so they say.
I'm loving that 'How to make slime' ranks higher than 'How to buy bitcoin' in the 'How to' search list. Home made slime was clearly key in 2017.
Of course, "how to buy bitcoin" ranks as one of the most popular queries. 😂
I’m really surprised that there is a whole section for memes 😂
Seems a very political video with a clear agenda - there were a lot of amazing things other than American politics and the media trying to create race/orientation wars