Google Trends

A new experience to explore what the world is searching 🔎📈📊

Google Trends has been updated with new features, a new design, simpler navigation & more ways to explore data and stories around one of the world’s biggest journalistic datasets.

- Trending searches

- Data stories curated by the News Lab team

- Easy access to Year in Search (going back to 2001)

- New infographic types to compare different topics

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20 Reviews4.7/5
nice update, Google. I reckon you'll go far.
Google is on a material redesign spree! After Gmail and Google Drive, now it's the turn of Google Trends, that get updated and enriched with even more functionalities that makes it even easier to find and compare data and trends 📈
The little tooltip to announce the changes really caught my eye, because it seems *off-brand*. The secret here is any type of help guidance / modal / tooltip that's dynamic like that needs to stand out clearly from the underlying interface. Otherwise new users don't recognize it as something to read / pay attention to first. Instead they can't differentiate it from other elements in the interface and so the impact is lost.

Been using google trends for quite a while. This is actually a long awaited update/overhaul. So glad to see the direction google is taking with design and communicaton style. So clean!


Much cleaner interface. Easier to navigate. Really enjoyable to dig into topics and compare. Love it....


Now its much easier for everyone to be a smartass on “the worlds searches“ incl. AI


Google are really pushing product sans, I like that.