Google Storage Nearline

Low-cost, highly-durable & highly available storage service

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Eric Willis
Working on something new
Public release of a backup service for data that doesn't need to be constantly accessed. Google is also offering a 100 PB credit on the new service for companies that would like to use the Google Cloud Platform. It's a cold storage platform that competes with Amazon Glacier.
Tori Bunte
PMM, HPE Storage
Recently moved into a role in file and object storage and what Google Nearline functions as is a distributed object storage platform (which is to say, a storage system with no hierarchy or structure, objects are stored with unique IDs and metadata unique to it) - but what's really impressive is the cost per GB (unreal! - flash storage is at like $1.50/gb) and the 3 second retrieval time. Google wizardry.
Elizabeth M.Tech & music for life. Boring Attorney.
Sounds like a great resource.