Google Springboard

Search quickly across Google Drive, Gmail, Contacts and more

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Erik Hidle
@ehidle · Sport Event Specialist
I've been using Cloudo by @oprostrednik for a lot of what Google is going to offer. It searches across other programs as well, and I would highly recommend it. Plus, it's available to use now.
Julian Gay
@juliangay · Founder, Xendo
Great idea! That's what we do at @GoXendo (https://xen.do) right now. Google Apps and 40+ services pre-integrated with deep search and machine learning. Search everything, in one shot.
Mehmet Perk
@mmt · Idea craftsman, Madde Us
A search company has a new app for search?
Kumar Thangudu
@datarade · 2X Saas Founder + Angel Investor
"We liked google apps so much, we thought we'd add google to it." I'm excited about this.
Kevin Litt
I'd love to this get integrated into Alfred.