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Hear from the US presidential candidates in real time

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Google+ without the plus?
Funny. It seems like there's a cycle here: social media platforms aren't useful for a while when they're just starting out, 'til they hit critical mass and there's lots of content from interesting people/organizations on it; Signal, with minimal noise. The critical mass keeps building, though, and eventually passes a threshold where it's no longer useful. Signal < noise. This gives the participants of the platform reason to seek a new space – one shows up and the cycle starts all over again. The key is launching the right kind of platform at the right time. (I'm reminded of C.S. Holling's Panarchy adaptive cycle:
Just because Donald Trump is running his entire campaign on Twitter? Won't it be easier to make Twitter cards for the candidates since they all are on the platform and use it heavily to communicate
Google man ! GOOGLE --- is anyone using this?