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#4 Product of the DayOctober 04, 2017

Google Pixel Buds introduce big sound with real time translation.


  • Matt MaskillAccount Manager, Studio Ace of Spades

    Nice design, realtime translation! The Babel fish is here!


    Maybe the cord?...but that remains to be seen

    Will be ordering a set of these!

    Matt Maskill has never used this product.
  • Kris PerpichHead of Product @ Motiv

    They tried. String behind head will avoid loosing.


    Ear loop = strange, shape looks to fall from ear, string annoying while I run.

    Realtime translation is a technical feature with minor impact on most users.

    I don't like the overall design.

    Kris Perpich has never used this product.


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Kristofer™@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Real-time translation FTW. Google knows how to 1 up. Not down with the shoelace though...
Matt@mzuvella · Director of Marketing @ FamePick
@kristofertm can’t believe no one else mentioned this!
Dmitry Kornyukhov@dkornyukhov · Translator, Founder of
@kristofertm I'm very intrigued to see what the quality of that real-time translation looks like... Breaking language barriers is a very ambitious task. :)
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Partner
There is a piece of string between them.... Pro or Con? AirPods owners...?
Karl Nislow@karlnislow · Finance Manager @fuzzpro
@bentossell An obvious Pro being you now don't have to look like an albino relative of Shrek.
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
@bentossell Very much a Con for me. I tried many different wireless headphones before paying as much as I did for AirPods. Any string is a bad string whilst running.
Zach Dubos@zduboss · Building robots @ FTC
@bentossell it’s harder to lose with the string
Bruce Kraft Jr.@brucekraftjr · CMO, social media & viral director
@bentossell @karlnislow haha perfect LOL
Karl Nislow@karlnislow · Finance Manager @fuzzpro
@bentossell @zduboss The sound quality is going to be the big thing here. Charging and general features are pretty similar (Apple leads in quick charging time). The earpieces look eerily similar to the Beoplay's that are notoriously prone to falling out of one's ear. It looks like Google has attempted to solve the possible ear shape constraint with a behind the ear loop which is smart but in no way revolutionary.
mark!@marksnyd · Social Media Manager, Red Bull TV
@bentossell @karlnislow I love my Air Pods but still haven't mustered up the courage to wear them regularly in public :D
mark!@marksnyd · Social Media Manager, Red Bull TV
@bentossell I'd say it's more of a con personally (on the flipside, you don't look as ridiculous!)
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
@bentossell real-time language translation is the only thing I’d want, no string
Jordan Fourcher@jfourcher · Badass from the future
@bentossell you can't actually compare them to the airpods. They have a string, which you have to wrap and unwrap to put in the charging case. These are more comparable with the beats X headphones because of the string. These aren't truly wireless headphones, but they are priced like one. They have pathetic battery life, and a saddening lack of controls and sensors, especially when compared to the airpods. The airpods have sensors in both ears for ear detection and accelerometers for touch and talking detection. The Pixel buds have a capacitive sensor in only one bud, and have no ear detection. They also shamelessly copied apples unique and fast pairing process. I own airpods and when there is something that connects the two buds together, it automatically is in a completely separate category of headphones. You wouldn't compare a Tesla to an office chair, because they have different functions, sizes, capacities, and prices. These pixel buds are not airpod competitors because they are in the wrong category.
Karl Nislow@karlnislow · Finance Manager @fuzzpro
@bentossell @jfourcher really just likened the difference between headphones with cords and those without to the difference between an office chair and a Tesla. Trying to move past that. A few clarifications: The battery life is the same between the two devices, so not sure what you’re talking about there. However, it is worth noting the charge time appears less for the AirPods. My understanding is that “fast-pairing” is purely a function of harnessing nfc/bluetooth technology? Someone technical should fact check me on that though. The controls seem comparable and I’m not sure what the benefit of speech detection is unless you want to use voice commands which seems unnecessary if the device has to be in your ear to use and can just be tapped (maybe double amputees would struggle with this). The hardware generally looks pretty comparable except that one device has a wire and better sound quality. I totally understand wanting to defend Apple and I agree that the AirPods are a more innovative product in virtue or being “wireless”, but I want my earphones to have quality sound first and foremost and Google has executed better on this need. They’ve created a comparable device with superior sound and basically all of the features AirPods have. I don’t have to look insane wearing it and it won’t fall out of my ears when I’m at the gym. Seems solid to me.
Pallav Agarwal@pallav_agarwal · Passionate for technology and startups
@karlnislow 5 hours is a tiny battery life. Even beatsx give 8 and airpods give 24hrs. Honestly airpods look fine except in images. It's amazing how many I see each day. Also the Google bud prices are way too high for wired headphones and the Google translate feature is for an extremely niche group of people and close to useless in the day to day. Regarding sound quality, I doubt that they are that much better. This is the first time Google has made earphones hence the low battery life, they don't have the tech to incorporate all the sensors the airpods have. And the fact that there is a wire actually makes it worse for gym/running for obvious reasons. So there, either buy airpods or cheaper wired Bluetooth earphones but the Google buds just give the worst of both worlds.
Karl Nislow@karlnislow · Finance Manager @fuzzpro
@pallav_agarwal Did you not read that post before commenting? It's 5 hours of listening time. This is the same for both Airpods and Pixel Buds. Your other points are conjectural.
Pallav Agarwal@pallav_agarwal · Passionate for technology and startups
@karlnislow as if your points aren't conjectural. And you can't just compare the 5 hours of listening time since the included airpods case provides up to 24 hours while the Google buds case doesn't for the same price.
Bryan Tsiliacos@bryan_tsiliacos
Rahul Kapoor@iamrahulkapoor · Developer by heart but gentle by mind.
@bryan_tsiliacos such an insightful comment.
Jon Moore@shoshinzen
The real issue for me is that many / most headphones that don't have over ear cups or hooks simply fall out of my ears. The old iPod and iPhone headphones, the newer ones, most bugs that don't seal into the ear canal... Simply fall out. Even many of the ones that are supposed to be snug with soft rubber nubs, same thing, they fall out immediately or within a few minutes. I can't tell you how much money I've wasted buying headphones, and since they are a non-returnable item... It's essentially the same as lighting my money on fire.
Daniel Adeyanju@nycdan_ · ops mgr
This is awesome! Only one question: Is it compatible with siri?