Google Pixel Buds

Google's answer to the AirPods

#4 Product of the DayOctober 04, 2017

Google Pixel Buds introduce big sound with real time translation.

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Real-time translation FTW. Google knows how to 1 up. Not down with the shoelace though...
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@kristofertm can’t believe no one else mentioned this!
@kristofertm I'm very intrigued to see what the quality of that real-time translation looks like... Breaking language barriers is a very ambitious task. :)
There is a piece of string between them.... Pro or Con? AirPods owners...?
@bentossell An obvious Pro being you now don't have to look like an albino relative of Shrek.
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@bentossell Very much a Con for me. I tried many different wireless headphones before paying as much as I did for AirPods. Any string is a bad string whilst running.
@bentossell it’s harder to lose with the string
@bentossell @zduboss The sound quality is going to be the big thing here. Charging and general features are pretty similar (Apple leads in quick charging time). The earpieces look eerily similar to the Beoplay's that are notoriously prone to falling out of one's ear. It looks like Google has attempted to solve the possible ear shape constraint with a behind the ear loop which is smart but in no way revolutionary.

Realtime translation is a technical feature with minor impact on most users.

I don't like the overall design.


They tried. String behind head will avoid loosing.


Ear loop = strange, shape looks to fall from ear, string annoying while I run.

Already pre-ordered.


Best Innovation by GOOGLE !